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Create a Safe Exchange Point Listing

If you are a law enforcement agency or other community organization interested in setting up a SafeExchangePoint, you’ve come to the right place.  We can help you design, register and promote exchange points that are tailored for consumers’ convenience and security. We can also provide you with clear signage for use at exchange points so they are easy for consumers to find.

SafeExchangePoints should be:

Convenient, central and easily accessible by car, public transportation and/or on foot, as appropriate for the area. Examples include police stations and some businesses.

Visible, with adequate signage and easy to locate using online maps/GPS.

In a well-lit, safe, public place where transactions are visible to passersby.

Ideally in a location that already has high quality video surveillance and/or a security guard on the property.

Protected from inclement weather like rain, snow or extreme heat.

If you are interested in establishing a SafeExchangePoint in your community and would like our help, please contact us here or email us at: [email protected].