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Buying/Selling Safely

We host a database of thousands of SafeExchangePoint locations across the country where buyers and sellers can complete transactions safely and securely. If there is not a registered SafeExchangePoint location near you, we recommend meeting at a local police station lobby or parking lot, bank lobby, coffee shop or even a hotel lobby.

The safest exchange locations are:

Easily accessible

Visible, with adequate signage

In a well-lit, safe, public place where transactions are visible to passersby

In a location that already has high quality video surveillance and/or a security guard on the property.

If necessary, protected from inclement weather like rain, snow or extreme heat.

Other tips for buying and selling safely:

Use cash to conduct the transaction and beware of common scams, like checks for more than the price of the item; gift cards and other forms of payment.

Meet during daylight hours

Bring a friend to feel extra comfortable, especially when high-value items like laptops and phones are involved

If you run into any red flags, like someone refusing to meet in a public place or changing your meetup location at the last minute, trust your instincts, and find another buyer or seller

Police or merchants that host their own SafeExchangePoints won’t get involved in the details of your transaction unless specified otherwise

Many police departments (but not all) are willing to check the serial number of an item for sale to determine if it’s known to be stolen property